Gjirofarm Sheep Feta Cheese 900GR

  • Produced 100% from the Sheep’s Milk
  • Enzymes
  • Cheese Culture
  • Sea Salt

Gjirofarm Sheep’s Cheese is a pantry staple in Albania. Made exclusively from sheep’s milk!  The result is a cheese with a creamy, crumbly texture and yogurt flavor overtones. Albanian Sheep’s Cheese is traditionally used in savory Balkan pastries like Byrek and is a core ingredient in Cheese Pie. If you haven’t tried Albanian Feta Cheese you will be surprised from taste, texture and flavor of this cheese. Like Feta, this cheese has countless culinary applications! Enjoy it in salads, in omelets and frittatas, stuffed inside peppers, or as a wonderful topping on flatbread.



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