Franck Uva Ursi (Uvin) Tea 30g box

Included in most of the ancient Pharmacopeias, the use of Uva Ursi as an herbal remedy dates back to the 2nd century AD. Of note, early Romans and Native Americans used the leaves of the Uva Ursi plant in their traditional medicinal practices. Also known as “bearberry” because its bright red berries attract bears, Uva Uris is most commonly used to treat urinary tract disorders, including kidney and bladder infections. It is also a remedy for constipation and bronchitis. Franck Uva Ursi Tea is made from the dried leaves of the Bearberry plant. Because this healthy tea can be a touch bitter for some palates, you might enjoy drinking it with honey or with Franck Peppermint Tea. As with all powerful traditional herbal remedies, we recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner before using. Naturally caffeine-free. Contains 20 teabags.


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