Franck Forest Fruit (Sumsko Voce) Tea 55g box

As most herbal tea lovers will attest, drinking this age-old beverage is a “can’t live without” ritual and the perfect punctuation for different times of the day. At Franck, we put a lot of love and care into creating unique herbal teas blends to inspire all of the senses. Franck Forest Fruit Tea is wild fruit-forward, with bold notes of black currant, raspberry, blackberry and wild strawberry. We also include hibiscus flowers, apples, blackberry leaves, rosehips, sweet blackberry leaves and elderberries in this special blend. Our delicious bright red tea is wonderful served hot, and thirst-quenching over ice. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants derived from the superfruits, Franck Forest Fruit Tea is also a wonderful way to stay hydrated. Naturally caffeine free. Contains 20 teabags.


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